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Goodbye masks? They sell diving suits that protect against viruses and other pathogens

The most feared dystopian future seems to have arrived in 2020, with a team that protects the user in 360 degrees and integrates a system for the purification of the air, making the outside an environment that feels more and more alien.


In the current coronavirus pandemic, masks or chinstraps have become an inevitable part of our daily reality. Accordingly, the innovations and twists and turns in this regard attract a powerful attention.

That is the case of the Canadian company VYZR Technologies, that thanks to crowdfunding has developed an amazing personal air purification system that literally shields pollutants, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

“A fan exhales the air through a filter on the back, creating a negative pressure inside the BioVYZR diving suit,” the site where it is marketed reads. “This negative pressure forces the ambient air through two N95 filters that remove up to 95% of the particulate matter. This includes – but is not limited to – airborne pathogens, droplets and dew, pollen, dust, soot, and animal fluff.’

The company cautions that since particles get trapped in the filters, it is important to take precautions when replacing them to avoid any contamination.

And although the project has emerged in response to the pandemic, the developers clarify that they have not only thought about COVID-19, since they aim to remedy the lack of effective personal protective equipment against pathogens in the air and other environmental threats.

In addition, they add that they intend to make this technology “accessible to all.” So far, its original price of $ 498 has dropped to $ 379, a cost to which filters must be added (in boxes of ten). However, it includes a package at the beginning.

The BioVYZR diving helmet consists of an anti-fog face shield, two “windows” to see on the sides, a tight neoprene vest, adjustable side straps, reversible gloves to touch the face with peace of mind, two fans with up to 8 hours of autonomy, a Silent fan with three types of airflow and a 10,000 mAh battery. It weighs 2.25 kilos and is available in three sizes for adults.

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Source: VYZR Technologies


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