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Fear in Europe, when thousands of birds fall dead from the sky

Fear in Europe, when thousands of birds fall dead from the sky 31

Two hundred ducks in Denmark, hundreds of herons in Turkey, thousands of swallows and swifts in Greece, 1000 starlings in Rome …

Fear in Europe, when thousands of birds fall dead from the sky
Hundreds of dead birds block a road in Rome, Italy. Photo: Bufale

Birds literally fall dead from the sky, and no one knows why.

Thousands of swallows and swallows killed in Greece

Scientists believe that strong winds in the past three days have killed or seriously injured thousands of swallows and swifts, migrating from Africa to Europe.

The carcasses were found on the streets of Athens, on apartment balconies in the capital, on the islands of the Aegean Sea and around a lake near the port of Nafplion in the Peloponnese.

The situation was described as a major disaster.

Strong wind, really?[Guardian]

Hundreds of egrets killed in Turkey

The dead birds were found near the village of Köprışık.

Residents and employees are frightened, as no one really knows what is behind these deaths.

Pesticides? Poisoning? Bird flu? The samples are being analyzed now.[Ajanimo]

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Two hundred ducks killed in Denmark

About 200 dead ducks have been found on the beaches of Læsø, Denmark, and everyone is wondering if they have died of bird flu. This is completely unprecedented on the island.

Four of the dead ducks were tested for avian influenza, but all were negative.

So, what is behind this new massacre in Denmark?[TV2 Nord]

A thousand dead birds on the streets of Rome

On February 5, 2020, hundreds of dead birds covered parts of Viale del Policlinico.

Once again, according to the authorities, the birds died when a tree fell due to strong winds in the capital city.[Bufale]

Therefore, there is a clear increase in birds mysteriously dying and falling from the sky. But no one can really say the cause of these massacres.


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