Famous astronomers reports: Odd and strange moving lights seen on the lunar surface

Famous astronomers reports: Odd and strange moving lights seen on the lunar surface

In 1966 a report was compiled for NASA by four of the top scientists and astronomers of the time. The report became known as the Translunar Phenomena Report .

It was a compilation of reports of odd and strange lights seen on the lunar surface by astronomers in the past. These events included the sightings of moving objects, flashes of light and many other odd events on the lunar surface.

The people reporting these events on the surface of the Moon were famous astronomers. In this compilation there are many reports of odd and strange activity around the crater called Aristarchus.

In 1966 Barbara Middle Hurst presented a remarkable paper on transient lunar phenomena to NASA and this was an exhaustive compilation of research data indicating anomalous light phenomena that had been occurring on the moon ever since the dawn of the telescope.

These transient lunar phenomena include lights of different colors, some of which are solid, some of which are flashing, they include phenomena that stay still, they include phenomena that are moving and in some cases you have multiple groups of phenomena moving in different directions all at the same time.

What’s particularly of interest in this case is that many of these phenomena about 60% were seen around the crater Aristarchus and when the Clementine space probe actually flew over the Aristarchus crater a very clearly obvious blue dome is visible.

Taken together, this study of transient lunar phenomena strongly suggests that there have been ongoing observations of extraterrestrial pilot vehicles that have existed around our moon and its surface for all of recorded history.

This is not something that is hard to understand, these sightings were done independently all throughout the world, in some cases professionally, in some cases with amateur telescope operators and the point is that when you are faced with this weight of data you are looking at something that is actually genuine.

This is an ongoing phenomenon well documented but then once the Apollo missions start the blanket of secrecy inside comes down and you never hear about transient lunar phenomena again.


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