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Elon Musk tweets that aliens built the pyramids

Elon Musk tweets that aliens built the pyramids 33

The would-be space colonizer is back at it, this time with a flamboyant but seemingly ironic theory that the pyramids were created by aliens.

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Thursday night to share some historical insights few dare speak of.

Elon Musk tweets that aliens built the pyramids 34

“The aliens built the pyramids [obviously]” wrote the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, hinting that Pharaoh Ramses II was probably also from another world.

And while some users seemed to take Elon’s joke to the letter (there is no evidence of any otherworldly involvement in pyramid building), others were more skeptical.

Another asked, “Are the aliens paying for their prenup?” alluding to Musk’s recent and awkward online exchange with his wife about the use of pronouns.

My theory is that Elon is an alien,” said another theory. “He is on the spectrum of alien autism (still smart for a human being) so he was exiled and is now thriving.”

A Twitter user joked:

“I say the dinosaurs built the pyramids.”

Another tweeted:

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“If aliens really did build the pyramids, it probably would have been for the same reason that we built sandcastles on the beach and left them afterwards.”

The tech mogul has gotten into trouble over runaway tweets in the past: his comments on taking the private Tesla cost him $ 40 million and the position of company president, and his derogatory comments about a diver of Thai caves triggered a libel suit.

Elon Musk tweets that aliens built the pyramids

Elon Musk this week also got involved in a dispute with Bill Gates over the coronavirus pandemic. The billionaire businessman has openly spoken about the pandemic, stating that false positives exaggerate the gravity of the situation and that closings are unnecessary.

Bill Gates, who has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a vaccine against the virus, called Musk’s rants “scandalous” and suggested that he had better stick to the issues he knows best.

Billionaire and real-life businessman Elon Musk is not shy about tweeting what some people would think is ridiculous, but “aliens built the pyramids” is a big thing to say when you’re the founder of companies like SpaceX and Tesla.

There is no doubt that Elon Musk wanted to stir up the controversy and he did it. However, it is not the first time that this theory has been aired on the networks. For many years, various researchers have argued that the Pyramids of Egypt were erected by an extraterrestrial civilization.

And with Elon’s recent tweet, the theory regains its force. This will give a lot to talk about in the coming days!

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