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“Dinosaur remains are probably found on the Moon,” says science journalist

It is likely that the dinosaurs that reigned on our planet for millions of years, have traveled to outer space on the debris caused by the asteroid that annihilated them.

Dinosaurs on the Moon.

Although Neil Armstrong was the first human to step on the moon in 1969, dinosaurs may have defeated him 66 million years earlier, or at least parts of prehistoric creatures did.

The claim comes from Peter Brannen’s 2017 book, The End of the World, which blogger Matt Austin shared on Twitter and recently went viral.

An excerpt describes the violent asteroid opening a “void hole from outer space in the atmosphere.”

This sent debris flying into orbit, and “dinosaur chunks” may have mixed into the huge volume of earth that was ejected into space, much of which landed on the Moon.

The catastrophic asteroid crashed into what experts say is the “deadliest possible angle” as it hurtled toward what is now Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Brannen, who is an award-winning science journalist, writes that the asteroid was larger than Mount Everest and slammed into the atmosphere 20 times faster than a bullet.

“That’s so fast that it would have traversed the distance from a 747’s cruising altitude to the ground in 0.3 seconds,” he says.

The book includes comments from geophysicist Mario Rebolledo, who told the author that “the pressure of the atmosphere in front of the asteroid began to excavate the crater before it got there.”

‘So when the meteor hit ground zero, it was totally intact. It was so massive that the atmosphere didn’t even make a scratch. ‘

The book also claims that the scene the dinosaurs witnessed 66 million years ago is nothing like what we see in Hollywood movies, which generally show a glowing fireball streaking across the sky.

“When the asteroid collided with the earth, in the sky above it, where there should have been air, the rock blew a hole in the vacuum of outer space in the atmosphere. As the heavens rushed to close this hole, huge volumes of earth were ejected into orbit and beyond, all within a second or two after impact,” it reads.

“So there are probably small pieces of dinosaur bone on the moon,” says Brannen with the approval of Rebolledo, who thinks it is likely.

Although there is no evidence to support the claims made in The End of the World, scientists have been able to reconstruct the events that unfolded.

The asteroid left a 193-kilometer-wide crater in the disaster zone, vaporizing the rock and sending billions of tons of sulfur and carbon dioxide into the prehistoric skies. All living things within hundreds of kilometers of the impact site would have been incinerated in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, the dust cloud generated by the impact would have blocked the sun, probably triggering a “nuclear winter” and seeing temperatures drop, with acid rain and 75 percent of living species missing.

“It would have felt like the ground under your feet had turned into a ship in the middle of the ocean,” said University of Washington professor of space and terrestrial sciences Mark Richards. Then the rocks would have bombarded you from a boiling sky that was beginning to take on a hazy glow. It would have seemed the end of the world.

Source: DailyMail

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