Cigar Talk: @NajiChill x @TheRealSwizzz

Cigar Talk: @NajiChill x @TheRealSwizzz

Show Time!

I had the pleasure of sitting with a certified legend and staple within our culture; Swizz Beatz. This special episode of #CigarTalk was broadcasted in Miami, at Swizz’ No Commission Exhibit and is sponsored by Bacardi. Art Basel weekend was full of festivities and it was only right to sit with the monster himself.

In this episode there was so much to speak on. Swizz gives an update on the super producer battle between himself & Timbaland. He also goes in depth about how the battle with Just Blaze came to be. We speak on his time at Harvard University and graduating from the business program. There are so many gems to be captured in this episode. Sit back back, grab a cigar, & catch the vibe.

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