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Car running on salt water reaches 217 mph and has 820 hp

Quant e-sport limousine is one of the newest cars that promises to revolutionize the car industry.

Why is this car so revolutionary? Because it only works with saltwater.

The new car has already been approved by the European Union and promises to mark a new start in the automotive industry, focusing on environmental protection and low costs.

Most cars that are environmentally friendly, run on electricity or hydrogen, but this car only needs saltwater.

There have been several inventors who have tried over time to create machines equipped with water-based engines, but all failed. Until today.

This car uses state-of-the-art technology made in Switzerland.

The car is already approved by the European Union, but the entire process will take some time. But not for long.

What do you think about this innovation? Watch the video below and don’t forget to tell us your opinion about this car. Would you buy it?

Watch the following video and see for yourself:

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