Bulldog Skincare Keeps it Sweet with New Sugarcane Packaging

Bulldog Skincare Keeps it Sweet with New Sugarcane Packaging

We’re now coming to the end of the year and what a year it has been. We’ve learned new things and collaborated with some amazing brands, Bulldog Skincare being one of them.

And before the year is over and we sit back to reflect on all that has happened, we get one cooler thing to add into the mix. Our favourites at Bulldog Skincare have pulled yet out another great win for the skincare game as it not only produces genuinely good product, but it also packages them in a more ethical manner.

Given the fact that virtually all skincare products on the market come in some sort of tube, tub, pot, etc, its no surprise that the industry contributes to a large volume of plastic being used every year. And for the first time ever (as far as we can report), Bulldog Skincare have become the first of the men’s skincare brands, to move to using sugar cane as a raw material in their packaging.

What does this mean you say? Well with Bulldog swinging to the use of sugarcane in their packaging, this means that it will now be able to reduce its carbon footprint, becoming more ethical as a brand and to the nation.

These new tubes that are being developed by Bulldog Skincare come from renewable resources, grown responsibly in Brazil with little impact to food suppliers and therefore need no more than natural rainfall to grow them. Eventually you will begin to see the new sugarcane packaging in your local retailers very soon, with their new sugarcane logo stamped on it. Each logo on the back of the packaging will also detail exactly what percentage of the packaging is made from sugarcane. A nice gesture to make you feel better about the good work that’s being done by Bulldog Skincare.

So not only are they vegan friendly and certified cruelty free products, they’re also packaged with a more sustainable resource too. And in a world where we spend most of our time destroying the very air we breathe, it’s nice to know that Bulldog Skincare a brand I regularly use and love, is doing its bit to save the planet.

Keep your eyes peeled, their new sugarcane packaging will be in circulation, in a store near you.


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