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Boston Dynamics robots learn to dance

A new video shows a team of robots from Boston Dynamics executing impressive dance moves; all to the rhythm of Do You Love Me, the group’s great 1962 hit The Contours.

The clip, like many others the company has released in the past, is an extraordinary testament to the capabilities of its homemade robots.

The humanoid robot that appears in the images is called Atlas, and it shows off with a variety of deft turns, steps, and even jumps. There is also Spot, who although he looks like a dog, joins the rhythm. Lastly, the ostrich-like robot Mango also makes an appearance – albeit disappointing compared to the others.

A little (dance) step for the machines

The technical prowess of Boston Dynamics has been proven beyond doubt – and NASA has even suggested sending a modified Spot unit to Mars – but the company’s secret collaborations with law enforcement and the military have also raised fears that the robots could become tools of repression or even killing machines – Terminator like.

Perhaps to ease that tension is that they chose this particular song from The Contours, which is definitely a happy dancer, but also contains plaintive lines such as “Do you love me now that I can dance?”

Source: Futurism

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