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Boeing suspends 737 MAX aircraft production

Boeing suspends 737 MAX aircraft production 31

Boeing announced the suspension of production of 737 MAX generation passenger aircraft from January 2020, informs The Guardian. This decision was made in connection with the conclusion of regulatory bodies.

The production of the 737 MAX model aircraft continued despite two air crashes: in Jakarta (Indonesia) in October 2018 and near Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in March this year. As a result of the tragedies, 346 people died, there were no survivors. Shortly after these events, about 20 states, including Germany, the UK, Austria, France, Russia, Singapore, the USA, Vietnam and others, closed their airspace for Boeing 737 MAX flights.

Boeing suspends 737 MAX aircraft production 32

Rescuers pick up part of a crashed 737 MAX aircraft, November 2018 / © AP

PhotoBased on the results of subsequent investigations into the causes of accidents, experts identified numerous errors – from the design and operation of the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) to the pilot training program itself.

Boeing suspends 737 MAX aircraft production 33

The wreckage of the plane 737 MAX crashed in Ethiopia / © Mulugeta

AyeneAll this time, the company worked to eliminate shortcomings and planned to return the aircraft to operation by the end of the year. Boeing has 400 ready-made vehicles of this model in storage. However, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other authorities have not approved the continued use of the Boeing 737 MAX. Moreover, at a congressional hearing last week, it turned out that after the first crash of the 737 MAX, the Federal Aviation Administration announced a possible repetition of the tragedy – moreover, it was not a single case, but 15 disasters.

Boeing suspends 737 MAX aircraft production 34

In July this year, a graveyard with problematic Boeing 737 Max / © EPA was discovered at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville.

“The safe return of the 737 Max to service is our priority,” says, meanwhile, a company statement.

“We know that the process of approving the operation of the 737 Max and determining the appropriate training requirements for pilots must be thorough and reliable so that our regulators, customers and the interested public are confident in the updated 737 Max.”

According to representatives of the aircraft manufacturer, this decision will not entail a reduction in the staff, but still affect suppliers. Information regarding the financial side of the issue and, consequently, losses, was promised to be provided at the end of January.

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