Bill Gates Warns a Global Pandemic Could kill 30 Million People in 6 Months

Bill Gates Warns a Global Pandemic Could kill 30 Million People in 6 Months

For at least the second time, formerly the overt world’s wealthiest man Bill Gates used his enormous power to spread global fear of a deadly global pandemic that could kill 30 million people within 6 months.

An argument that really does not constitute evidence was presented by Gates. At a discussion about epidemics hosted by the the Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine, Gates claimed that the world “isn’t making much progress” toward being able to prevent pandemics.

He claimed that new pathogens emerge all the time and it is becoming easier for individuals or groups to create weaponized diseases. Yeah, the US government is actually very known for creating weaponized diseases and they are openly building new biological warfare facilities but nevermind that.

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The rest of his argument is predictable. He made the same case he made a year or two ago about how some massive pandemic could kill us all, therefore we all need to listen to him.

The endgame for his recent additional mention of this supposedly horrible threat is to sell the flu vaccines he just poured money into. Gates just put $12 million on “universal flu vaccine research,” and the mainstream media, completely oblivious to the inherently risky and ineffective nature of flu vaccines is actually suggesting he didn’t put enough money on it. They must have no idea how this man makes his money in 2018.

It’s plain to see that Bill Gates has a financial interest in pushing people toward vaccines. As his foundation has invested in Monsanto, the man clearly has a financial interest in pushing immunization, and he’s boldly using all of the power of his voice to do absolutely nothing good once you know what these flu vaccines actually do.

The flu vaccines that people have been getting are made mostly by Sanofi, a company that has roots as “Hoescht,” a component of Nazi Germany’s chemical monopoly IG Farben. Other vaccines people get are often provided by another multinational giant pharmaceutical company named Merck.

Merck’s president was the head of the US military’s biological warfare department the War Research Service during the peak of World War 2, while he was still president of Merck. He was doing this secretly: and that agency later was responsible for spraying San Francisco with infertility causing bacteria.

In short, what people are looking at when they look at Bill Gates and his efforts is a monstrosity so incomprehensible, actually so evil it is difficult to comprehend.

There exists an entire world of people who develop these vaccines that harm people, and the people who speak out about their harm seem to end up like the CDC man who was found dead in Atlanta, Georgia recently. The people who speak out about the harm of vaccines seem to end up like the woman who went to Washington DC with hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions to stop the creation of genetically modified mosquitoes: dead in a DC hotel pool in winter.

It would take a lot of effort to expose how much of a cold, manipulative psychopath Bill Gates is demonstrating to be, so let’s just look at what the current flu shot is doing to people.

The flu shot is known to paralyze people with certain weaknesses in their bodies (not uncommon), and millions of dollars have been dished out very quietly to compensate the victims of vaccine injury.

Health researcher Shawn Siegel pointed out:

“Below are just a few of the flu vaccine injuries for which many millions of dollars have been awarded in compensation – up to $1.5 million for a single incidence alone, and there are others that are even higher. Deaths are included. Obviously, the flu vaccine can be catastrophic, and there’s no way to accurately predict who will suffer these reactions, regardless of history or age. It can happen to anyone.

I recently recounted the story of my renewal of my driver’s license, where after simply mentioning I’d been researching vaccines, the woman who was taking my information told me her brother had recently got a flu shot, and he’s now paralyzed. I filled her in on the VICP program, and the fact that paralysis – GBS – is by far the most common adverse flu vaccine reaction – they just fail to mention it in the reams of publicity urging the shot.

The point: no one in their sober mind would get the shot, once they understood the real possibility that it could paralyze or kill them, and that the doctor has absolutely no way to guarantee them that won’t happen.”

Ever heard of VAERS? Bill Gates doesn’t like to mention the existence of it, it’s a government vaccine injury reporting system where people can find lists upon lists of people who have died or been injured from them, in solid fact.

With the government’s own data it quietly records, a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths was reported to the VAERS system after the flu shot was given to pregnant women. Data was covered up in this incident.

There’s a much worse reason why people believe vaccination is so heavily pushed. Take for instance, the fact that in Melbourne, Australia there was a “vaccination cafe” event last week, and as soon as the event was over the page about it was scrubbed from the Internet. Maybe someone was injured at this party where they injected each other with mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate-80 and viruses.

People would be wise to very carefully notice how they feel 2 weeks after a flu shot if they refuse to listen to this advice: people would be more wise to completely avoid all of these.


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