Area 51 is not the only base full of secrecy. Apparently, there are countless submarine bases scattered in different locations on our planet.

While many of us know about Area 51 and the Dulce Base, the truth is that there are more secret bases than you can ever imagine. Three years ago the CIA finally admitted the existence of Area 51, but many people around the world already knew about the mystery and secrecy behind this base. Area 51 is just one of many out there, but it is interesting to note that most of the secret bases are not built on land, but deep, hidden under the oceans.

The creation of underwater bases is probably much more efficient than their creation on the surface, on land. For beginners, it is almost impossible to find an underwater base, unless of course you know its location and you have the equipment to get there.

As the Daily Express reports, while the enigmatic military installation Area 51 has become the basis of several conspiracy theories (most of which are related to UFO technology and contacts with extraterrestrial species), it seems that the American Navy owns a structure with a reputation somewhat similar to Area 51. The base in question is known as Atlantic Underwater Assessment and Testing Center, or AUTEC, and is located in the Bahamas.

A statement published on the website of the command of marine naval systems describes the purpose of AUTEC to provide “operational areas instrumented in a real environment to meet the requirements for research, development, testing and evaluation and evaluation of the operational performance of the preparation of war fighters. in support of the entire maritime spectrum of war. ”

However, the British newspaper indicates that the “secret base”, that of the US Navy, began development since 1964 and apparently used for submarine vehicles and weapons tests to be tested for submarines. This has been linked by conspiracy theorists to “several strange reports of UFO activity” that allegedly occurred in its vicinity.

These reports include stories of aliens working alongside US Navy personnel at submarine facilities and even talk about time travel, likely fueled by the proximity of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. There are rumors that submarine aircraft built with UFO technology and Stargate equipment for dimensional travel are being tested inside this submarine base.