Over the past few years, the world has become accustomed to the fact that with the onset of local rainy seasons, it floods either India, Venice, England, or some other country. It was even an extraordinary event when water flooded the deserts of Saudi Arabia and turned sand into meadows, realizing the sign of the End of Times predicted by the Koran.

And now, it seems, the turn has come to fulfill the prophecies of Israel:

In general, it is clear with cities – there is nothing new in this. For centuries, people built drainage systems based on typical rainfall in their area, rainfall increased – and the flood began. But look what happens outside the cities:

Local residents have never seen this, and, comparing the flood with the events around Iran, with what the rabbis say about the imminent coming of the Messiah, they begin to assume that the End of the World has come. And we are inclined to agree with their conclusions, although the flood in itself and Iran have nothing to do with it.

This video is from February last year:

And this video is generally four years old:

We are not very big specialists in the Israeli water basins and on the territory we will not distinguish the Negev desert from the Mojave desert in Nevada. But, as Breaking Israel News writes, as a result of rains, The Sea of ​​Galilee has risen 23 cm in the last 24 hours, and the river Jordan is experiencing a record flow of 136 cubic meters per second.

Now look at the outline map:

As you can see, the Jordan flows through the Sea of ​​Galilee and flows further into the Dead Sea, which, in fact, are one. It is called the Jordanian Rift Valley. That is, a fault between two lithospheric plates, which was once completely filled with water, and now there are puddles like the Aral Sea from the water.

In Israeli religious texts, the desalination of the Dead Sea repeatedly appears as a sign of the End of Times. And it is slowly desalinating – even seaweed and some kind of fish are already appearing there. And now we see the mechanism of this phenomenon. That is, the climate has changed and rain over Israel at this time of the year is pouring and pouring for several years in a row. This year there’s some kind of nonsense.

And where does this fresh rainwater go? One way or another, this water is collected in the Dead Sea, which is being desalinated faster and, thereby, bringing closer the times of the End of the World, so we are following the development of events: for five more years such floods in the Dead Sea will also commercialize fish.