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An ancient pyramid in Armenia? The mystery of Dvin’s hidden structure

A mysterious pyramid culture spread around the globe in remote antiquity, the best known being those of Egypt and Mesoamerica. But could there be one on the border between Europe and Asia that has gone unnoticed or misinterpreted as such until now?

Throughout the history of Armenia, the Ararat Valley has been one of the most important territories (in fact it is said to be the place where Noah’s ark). There existed a city called Dvin, built in 335 AD by King Chosroes III of Kotak, on the ruins of an ancient settlement and fortress from the second millennium BC.

Dvin became the main residence of the Armenian kings of the Arsacid Dynasty. It came to have a population of about 100,000 inhabitants, who were dedicated to all kinds of professions and arts, crafts, commerce, fishing, etc. In 893 a great earthquake destroyed it, leaving tens of thousands of fatalities. Since then, its ruins have been reduced to a large hill located between the modern cities of Hnaberd and Verin Dvin.

Archaeological excavations at the site, started in 1937, have produced a wealth of materials that shed some light on Armenian culture. However, much of the past still remains buried or unstudied.

A hidden pyramid?

As a result of excavations near the village of Getazat, next to the historic Dvin, in 2015 researchers discovered a hill with a suspicious pyramidal shape. It is believed to be an artificial structure “eaten” by nature over 2 to 3 millennia. Under the natural cover you would find nothing more and nothing less than a pyramid, more similar to the Mayans than the Egyptians.

Pyramid of Dvin, Armenia.

Pyramid of Dvin, Armenia

The stepped structure is about 25 meters high. The top of the building, currently underground, is excavated and has ornamental stones that scientists probably found during excavations. Among these rocks, there is one that has the figure of a 10-level pyramid engraved in its center and laurel leaves on each side (see detail in the first image of this publication).

It is interesting to note that the locals generally have no idea that such a monument or special stones exist near their homes. However, some claim to have heard from their grandparents that it was a mausoleum. Others who heard of a strange tradition of capturing people and locking them in this pyramid. The legends are many and varied.

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For now, not much more is known about what lies under the hill, and excavations have not continued to reveal it either.

By Anna Zaqaryan


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