Abductee “Adrian” (REAL)

Abductee “Adrian” (REAL)

Extraterrestrial Visit -Alien Abduction Research Community & Support Group >google+ is a picture of suppose a reptilian creature, perhaps a new body to be able to interact better/easier w/humans. there are many different species out there we just half to look and be disclosed. this video is not of me and or about me. all though I have been visited, the visual below is close but not accurate in my case. they come at least once a year -around the hottest months.(is their planet hot all the time and if it differs in temp, than does it cause them a major health defect if suddenly change or does it only cause a health defect when a sudden change in temp happens.?)

the visual in the middle is the ISS view of the Eclipse. they have satellites on the moon, yet I don’t see any data what so ever on the data collected during the eclipse..

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