5 Alien Races Supposedly Visiting Earth!

5 Alien Races Supposedly Visiting Earth!

Are Aliens among us? Could we have been infiltrated by ET’s? Thousands of people claim to have met aliens, including labour MP Simon Parkes. They would say YES we have! The UFO’s are out there!

Here is Neon Nettles list of FIVE alien races that are visiting Earth.

The Greys

Around half of reported Alien encounters mention The Grays.Named after their ashen skin, the Gray is perhaps the most iconic of the E.T’s.

These beings can be nefarious, often accused of anal probing the victims they abduct they are also believed to be responsible for cattle mutilations.If you meet one DO NOT look directly into its eyes.

They use these to invoke emotions and induce hallucinogenic states and even to scan your brain!Some conspiracy theorists believe that Grays represent part of a government-led disinformation campaign.

The Reptilians

Made famous by David Icke, but The Reptilians have been doing their lizard thing long before Icke came along and began accusing Queen Lizzie of being one!

The shifty reptiles are very sneaky, they work through possessing and controlling human entities, such as the Queen , Miley Cyrus and anyone who works in mainstream media or politics.

You can prevent being body snatched by raising your vibration to one of pure love, which the reptilians bloody hate.

Reptilian lore can be traced back centuries ,In Chinese mythology for example dragons had the ability to shape shift into human form.

The Nordics

The Nordics are our space brother from the Pleiades, they are described as being advanced magical beings who have come to help us in our fight against the Greys and Reptiles. They often transmit messages of peace and love to those who encounter them.

Tall ,pale white beings often with long blonde hair and light eyes, the Nordics are said to be the silent watchers of earth. They communicate with telepathy and telekinesis.

The Hybrids

Some people say that part of the alien agenda is to create a hybrid race.

Some People who claim to have been abducted by Aliens also claim they are part of a genetic experiment where they have been forced to produce Alien hybrid children with the aliens that live in Space. They document going to visit their hybrid children on space craft in future abductions.

This is a surprisingly common theme amongst contactees.

The Mantids

A large number of abductees report having encounters with aliens that look very much like Earths preying Mantis.

Although some contactees report being initially terrified of the appearance of these entities they later go on to report having amazing healings and other helpful communications from these beings.

When the other Aliens show up at an abduction party, contactees have reported that it seems to be the Mantids that are in command.

Source: http://www.theneonnettle.com

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