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2020: the year of the great extraterrestrial revelation

President Ronald Reagan was interested in UFOs. His daughter Patti Davis claimed that her father was “fascinated” with the possibility of life in other worlds. According to an unofficial biographer, Reagan said he had seen UFOs on several occasions. He described two meetings in great detail. His wife Nancy also witnessed these meetings. President Jimmy Carter claimed to have seen a UFO in 1969. He described seeing a bright object soar through the sky for about 10 minutes until it disappeared.

Several astronauts reported seeing UFOs and aliens while they were in space. Even Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, In private meetings, they said there were strange creatures on the Moon. When presidents and astronauts have knowledge and experience about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, why is this information not shared with the public? In 1960, the newly formed NASA commissioned a report on “Implications of peaceful space activities for human affairs”. That report talked about the panic that could occur if they confirmed the existence of aliens, which in fact exist. Now we ask ourselves: has the government found a way to prepare for the call? “First extraterrestrial contact»? The answer is yes, by calling predictive programming, a form of preparation based on film and television. But apparently 2020 would be the year of extraterrestrial disclosure.

We are not alone

Now, Stephen Bassett, researcher and founder of “Paradigm Research Group” (PRG), has claimed that the victory in the presidential elections of Donald Trump has prevented the process of extraterrestrial disclosure. In an interview exclusive talk with the British newspaper Daily Star, Bassett revealed that humans could be living in a post-disclosure world if Donald Trump had not won the 2017 presidential election.

But the researcher says that governments around the world will make extraterrestrial disclosure in 2020. He also adds that the research program of unidentified aerial phenomena by the US Navy. UU. It is a very good sign, and can be considered as evidence that disclosure is imminent.

“The disclosure is getting very close,” said Bassett. “In fact, if it had not been for the extraordinary events of the last elections in the United States, we would be a couple of years in the post-disclosure world.”

In addition, he suggested that if this ‘small’ political problem in the United States is resolved and returns to a normal and functional government, he believes that “To the Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences”, the organization founded by Tom DeLonge, will be responsible for making the disclosure.

“If we could solve this little political problem in the United States and return to a normal and functional government, although I am sure it will never be perfect, I think the To The Stars Academy will make it explode.”Bassett added. “They have more things to launch, but they have been holding back and this is a problem to go crazy. This means that the disclosure could easily happen in 2020, which I really love and will be great, because what is 20:20? Perfect vision. ”

Bassett, who thinks that aliens have been deactivating our nuclear weapons to show us how useless we are, is convinced that once the truth is known, aliens will make full contact with humans. And that is when they will share their advances, including advanced medicines, something that will save us from the antibiotic crisis. Not to mention that NASA will no longer be forced to cut live broadcasts from the International Space Station when the cameras register strange phenomena, it will be the beginning of the golden age of space exploration.

Disclosure or extraterrestrial discovery?

While conspiracy theorists await an extraterrestrial revelation, the scientific community believes that we are at the gates of the discovery of extraterrestrial life. In the near future, you may see a headline announcing that NASA has found evidence of life in space.

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In addition, by 2020, Mars and Earth will be relatively close to each other again in their adjacent orbits around the sun. To take advantage of this fortuitous orbital circumstance, space agencies will launch a small spacecraft brigade towards the red planet. Unlike the robotic explorers that are now on Martian soil, these new ships, launched by NASA in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the Russian Federal Space Agency, will participate in a type of reconnaissance that has not been tested since arrival of Viking probes in the mid 1970s. The new ship will look for places that were once suitable for life. It will be on the hunt for life itself. Alive or dead.

For his part, Dr. Jim Green, director of the Division of Planetary Science at NASA, said that extraterrestrial living things, most likely on Mars, will be discovered shortly. According to Green, there are high chances that the Mars Rover 2020 will discover extraterrestrial life on the red planet. But he also stated that Humans are not prepared enough to accept extraterrestrial existence.

It seems that everything indicates that 2020 will be the year of extraterrestrial revelation. And not only do conspiracy theorists believe it, scientists have been working hard to prepare us to accept that we are not alone in the universe. We can only hope what kind of disclosure awaits us and what is its true objective.

Are you ready for extraterrestrial disclosure? And while you think the answer to this question, which you can answer below, We wish you Happy New Year !!!


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