2019 Fashion Trend for Men — The Vintage…

2019 Fashion Trend for Men — The Vintage…

First popularized by American soldiers during World War One, the wristwatch has gone through dozens of changes over the years. But one thing that has not happened to it is going out of style. Today, in 2019, men’s vintage wristwatches are roaring back to the top of the fashion world, as a statement of ruggedness and reliability.

A Waltham wrist watch from the 1920’s features a classic face with Roman numerals and stainless steel casing. The watch itself was made to last a lifetime, and beyond, but the original leather bands have not fared so well. Because they were manufactured in abundance and lasted so long, you can still buy one for under a hundred dollars if you are an intrepid online shopper, but you’ll also need to find a dealer who can provide you with an authentic tan leather band for the authentic classic look.


More pricey, but well worth it, is the Cartier Tank wristwatch. Designed by the famous jeweler as a tribute to the French Renault Army Tank in 1919, this watch was standard issue for military officers world-wide from 1920 to 1950. Later models are self winding and water resistant. They featured metal band straps in silver, gold, platinum, and electrum.

Whatever you do, do not embarrass yourself with a digital wrist watch. They went out with the pocket protector and mood rings.

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